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A study by says the average person in Britain owns 58 items of clothing, but only wears a third of their wardrobe regularly.

Many of us wear the same things over and over because it’s easy and suitable for the time of year but have many unworn items hanging in the wardrobe.

The average woman owns 69 items of clothing, made up of 33 tops, 8 jackets, 11 pairs of trousers and 17 pairs of shoes worth £542.

Men own an average of 47 items including 23 tops, 6 jackets, 10 pairs of trousers and 8 pairs of shoes with a value of £453.
Despite having less clothes, men find it hardest to part with their possessions even when they are rarely worn.

As a nation, we are emotional attached to our garments and find it difficult to get rid of our rarely worn clothes or de-clutter our wardrobes. Of those surveyed, an average of 16 new items a year were bought but only 13 items were thrown out during the same period, further adding to the clutter problem.

So how can we keep our clothes but de-clutter our wardrobes?

Seasonal clothing
Rotate clothes for the season; pack away winter clothes in summer and summer clothes in winter. Large brown boxes make good storage containers for clothing as long as they are stored in a dry place. Make sure you write the contents on each box so they are easy to locate. Just think how much space you’d save if you packed away ski wear, bulky winter coats & boots each year. If your loft is full and hard to reach, then renting a small storage units could be a good option. They are cheap, flexible and easily accessed especially if you’re lucky enough to have a winter sun holiday.

Weight Fluctuation
Only leave things in your wardrobe that fit you now and pack away other items in air tight vacuum bags and pop into storage. Be confident they will be worn again!

Occasional clothing
No one needs evening dresses, tuxedos or dress suits every day. At best you’ll only need them a handful of times a year. Pack them carefully in wardrobe boxes and free your wardrobe. Wardrobe boxes can be stored conveniently in your loft or, if space is an issue, a local storage unit.

Memories of the past
Your children’s baby grows or vintage pieces from family members are often difficult to part with. They may never be worn again but hold sentimental value. Boxes these items up and move into a dry storage unit where they can be easily accessed if the occasion arises.

Love to shop
I guess we are all a little guilty of that! Don’t feel guilty about the odd bargain, your wardrobe has space to fill as you have de-cluttered brilliantly!