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The cast of the highest rated show on UKTV’s entertainment channel Dave secretly filmed at a Faversham storage centre back in January and will be aired on TV next week.

Space Saver in Waterham, which is home to hundreds of storage units, hosted Storage Hunter UK’s film crew and bidders during the two days of filming.

Based on the US hit Storage Hunters, Storage Hunters UK makes its return to our screens following its launch last year which pulled in over one million viewers. The reality show features a group of bidders going head-to-head, blindly bidding on abandoned containers.

The staff at Space Saver even had a chance to take part, placing bids alongside the buyers who have become familiar faces in showbiz.

For those who know the award-winning show will recognise the likes of fast-talking auctioneer and host Sean Kelly, from the US version of the show and flamboyant characters such as Heavy D and Linda who were in the first series.

The action packed episodes can lead to the occasional scrap, Office Manager Helen Dock, says it’s “fiercely competitive”.

“I placed the first bid for one of the containers but the bidding quickly spiralled out of my budget. Besides I didn’t fancy taking on Heavy D!”

Storage Hunters has always been a favourite of the Space Saver staff and customers. Space Saver’s Warehouse Manager Stuart Love, who also appeared on the show, explains: “Many of our customers ask us about Storage Hunters so when they emailed asking us to take part; we thought it would be great fun. We can’t wait to see it on TV.”

Host of Storage Hunters UK Sean Kelly said: “I am delighted that the British audience has embraced the show so much, they just seem to love it.

“Working with Dave and meeting all of the interesting people who have appeared on the show has been a real highlight and incredible experience. I’m happy to call the UK my new home.”

The programme was filmed back in January but will be broadcast next Tuesday, June 30 at 8pm.