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‘Twas the night before Christmas, when all thro’ the house
The cupboards were bulging, no room for a mouse,
The Stockings were hung ‘cos the drawers filling fast,
The family arriving, “What to do?” I urgently ask,
The spare room is full to the rafters with care,
With no hope that the relatives soon could fit there.

Then out of the blue, a tiny elf came in sight,
And suggested storage might help with my plight.
I jumped at the chance of managing my stuff
“Come with me” said the elf and raced off in a puff,
“Self storage’s the answer for your Christmas woes,
Now step to it and get to your toes.
Collect all your things and declutter your home,
Your stuff will be safe whilst the unit’s on loan.”

We met at Space Saver and the elf gave a shout,
“Now! Stuart, now! Denise! Helen and Prue!
A nice little storage unit for this gentleman will do,
We can tie up the details as quick as a flash,
Full up your space then home you can dash”,

The children were sleeping all snug in their beds,
The relatives arrive and can lay down their heads,
Why did I worry? The move was so slick
The house is all calm and ready for Saint Nick
As I look out the window with smile on my face,
I realise for Christmas home is the place,
And there in the distance a tiny red sleigh in sight –

Happy Christmas to all, and to all a good night !