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We know it is important to our customers, and us, that our site is made as environmentally friendly as possible. Here are a few of the changes we have made over the years:

Solar panels – we installed solar panels in 2020 as part of our site upgrade. The electricity produced helps top up the power to the site and reduces our reliance of the grid. Any additional energy is provided by a green energy provider.

Electric charging points – we have 2 charging points in the car park for the new offices. Both of which are regularly used by our green minded colleagues. Alternatively, bicycle parking is available, encouraging customers and our office colleagues, to cycle to work.

LED lighting – used around the site alongside a motion sensor systems so lights switch off when not in use. In addition, mood lighting is used in the office building to simulate the daylight and can be dimmed when brighter outside to save energy.

A heat exchange system – is used in the offices for both cooling and heating the building by using the thermal energy from outside. Double glazing throughout the building helps with heat loss too.

Recycle points – all shared kitchens in the office block have recycle points; recycling cardboard, plastic, tins and cans. Our onsite waste is recycled in either the metal skip and mixed recycling skip.

Our office has the benefit of many green plants; not just to look pretty but to increase staff wellbeing as well as purifying the air.

We appreciate there is always more to be done but we hope, even our little changes, will help reduce our impact on the planet.