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Moving house is exciting, but can be a stressful time, especially if you are moving to an unfamiliar area or have a large family.
Hopefully some of these tips below will help make you move a little smoother:

6 weeks before you move

Book a removal firm well in advance as they often get booked up. Make a list of all the things you want to take with you so the removal company can give you an accurate quote. Be a little ruthless – go through your belongings and throw out anything you really don’t need or won’t suit you new house. If in doubt, you can always think about storing non essential items in self storage until you’ve made up your mind or are ready to put the final touches to your new home. Check any parking restrictions which may apply to large vehicles at you current address and new home so you can let the removal company know.

1 month before you move

Confirm your moving date and book time off work. Friday is always a good day as gives you the weekend to unpack.

Start the packing process by boxing up your least used items well in advance. Pack in a logical order and label all boxes clearly with the room they will be going in. When you start unpacking, this will save you lots of time. Do not over load boxes; they will be too heavy to carry and more importantly, may collapse and break.

Inform the utility companies of your move as many require a 4 week notice period.

2 weeks to go

Let people know you’re moving and give out your new address. If you are in between moves and going into a rental property, a secure mail box might be a convenient option so you don’t miss a delivery.

Cancel things like your window cleaner, newspaper delivery or milkman and try to run down your groceries.

1 Week to go

With one week to go, make sure you keep a box of essential items – refreshments, kettle, toilet paper, light bulbs – handy items to help you through the first day in your new home. De-frost your freezer and wash and dry any dirty linen.

Keep valuable or important documents with you so they don’t get misplaced in the move.

1 day before you move

Pack an overnight bag fo the first night at your new home so you are not rummaging through boxes trying to find essentials. Check you haven’t left anything behind and take metre readings for gas and electricity.

Now rhave_a_cup_of_teaelax with a nice cup of tea. You’ve got it all in hand.