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It can be tricky knowing how much space you need; difficult to visualise and to estimate. Most of us don’t have much experience of self storage other than squeezing things into a loft or garage space. Self storage facilities tend to use space differently; stacking high to maximise space rather than single level storage.

Most of us have a collection of odd-shaped furniture and boxes and, unless you are a whizz at Tetris, have no idea how to pack efficiently or what size space your items will fit into. To confuse matters even more, removal companies measure the amount of space you need in cubic metres and storage companies use sq. foot.

Storage units can range from 12 sq. foot, roughly the size of a telephone box, to 200 sq. foot drive up units which are the size of a garage. All have high ceilings and are designed to be filled from floor to ceiling.

Here are a few ways to help you get the right unit:

Ask your removal company

If you have a removal company bringing your items into store, they will normally have a good idea of what size unit you will need. However because each industries use different methods to measure space you may need to convert the measurements.

Use the van size as a guide

Alternatively when choosing the right size unit try to imagine how many van loads you think you will have, as a rule of thumb the contents of the following vans would fit into:

· Transit van – 50 ft²
· Luton van – 75 ft²
· 7.5 ton Removal van – 200 ft²

Talk to a member of our team

We are always on hand to make sure you get the right room and don’t pay for more space than you need. To get an idea of unit sizes pop in during office hours to have a look or give us a call.