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Self storage is the perfect place to keep your belongings in a clean and secure indoor space. With as many self storage centres in the UK as MacDonald’s restaurants, you don’t have to travel far to reach your nearest centre. Even so, there are quite a few misconceptions about the industry that may stop some people from discovering the benefits of renting storage space. In this article we can hopefully dispel some of the most common misconceptions about self-storage.


You can only use self storage if you want to rent space for a long period of time


As a matter of fact, most self storage centres are very flexible; welcoming both long-term and short-term rentals. Therefore, whether you need to rent a temporary home for your goods for just one month or so, or plan to leave your items in a unit for months or even years, self storage is the best solution to explore.

Store all sorts in your self storage unit


Most things can be stored however, there are certain items that are not permitted inside the facility, such as perishable goods, plants, live animals or noxious, flammable or hazardous materials. You should also take into consideration that temperature-sensitive objects, such as documents, photos, paintings or electronics may require special storing conditions. Make sure you get advice from your storage company about the best place to store such items.

You Don’t Need to Insure the Goods That You Want to Leave in Storage

Always insure your items in store even though many modern self storage facilities offer the best conditions for your goods. However not all facilities offer free insurance as part of the deal. It is always best to check what insurance options are available before putting your things in store.