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Space Saver Storage has reset its business sights to sky-high following the installation of a Clovis canopy. Presented with a unique challenge involving designing a 100m canopy for a number of storage units which had yet to be built, Clovis took a mere 12 weeks to complete the project and provide Space Saver in Faversham with a covered loading bay that offers year-round protection from the elements for customers and their goods.

Space Saver is thought to be the first self-storage company in the UK to offer covered access to vehicles. The company, founded in 1992, has 1,200 rooms for business and personal storage.

Managing director, John Burgess, said Clovis’ expertise and experience in providing bespoke outdoor canopies was the deciding factor in specifying the unique L-shaped design shelter.

“The canopy had to fit in with our existing buildings, which it did beautifully,” he said. “I was also very taken with the simplicity of the design. It also helped that Clovis were able to bespoke the canopy in Space Saver livery – blue, white and yellow. It’s given us a unique self-storage option unlike any other in the country.”

The L-shaped canopy, made up of two designs – the Oxford Barrel and The Oxford Lean-to – was required to cover 60 storage units at the site. The specifications were three-fold; as well as linking planned and existing storage units together, the canopy needed to be long and wide enough for vehicles to turn. It also had to be high enough to allow access for removal lorries. With a 7m x 40m roofspan and 4.4m high eaves, the canopy comfortably met these requirements.

Doug Cox, contracts manager at Clovis, said the Space Saver installation started life as a conceptual project, and it was up to his team to realise their customer’s dream.

He said: “The main challenge was to develop what the client anticipated into the finished project and create the plan before the storage units were in place. Thanks to our experience and expertise in the field of bespoke canopies, the project was a joy to be a part of, and complete.”

With the covered storage in place, John Burgess said the towering, weatherproof structure was a symbol of his company’s bigger ambition. “With the canopy enabling us to provide a facility we are sure our competition are unable to offer, I’m hoping in business terms it will take Space Saver to the next level.”