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THE DVLA have issued important new advice to all motorists intending to hire cars in future.
From June 8, the paper counterpart of UK photocard driving licences will be abolished.
The paper counterpart has always contained details of any driving convictions or penalty points, but from June onwards, this information will have to be obtained online before you try to hire a car. For more information click here.

The changes also mean that drivers looking to hire a car overseas may need to take a special code with them, so the hire company can check for details of any convictions or penalty points.
Drivers will need to log on to the DVLA website in advance, but each code is valid only for 72 hours, so anyone looking to hire a car more than three days into a trip overseas may need to source the code abroad.
The RAC has said more than half of drivers are unaware of the changes and they are keen to increase awareness before June 8.
Drivers have also been given mixed advice about what to do with their paper counterpart. The DVLA has recommended destroying it after June 8, but the AA has advised anyone wanting to hire a car to retain it, in case they encounter difficulties with hire firms.

To view their records, drivers will need to visit