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When moving home there is more to think about than just finding a property that you like. According to a study by online property website, Zoopla, the actual road name can influence the price and desirability of your property. So what does your street name say about your property?

Apparently, the most sought after properties in the UK will have either Warren or Chase in the address. These properties are worth an average of £600,000; more than double the national average. It is no surprise that houses with Warren or Chase in the address are more expensive. Historically Warren means a piece of land used for breeding livestock and Chase refers to a private piece of land used for hunting. Both suggest large plots of land with space available to build large detached properties.

However on the flipside, addresses with Terrace and Court are amongst the cheapest. Bizarrely, Court in historical terms has always had regal connotations such as Hampton Court and by no means suggests a smaller or less impressive property and an address with King in the title outranks Queen. And the prize to the most expensive road in UK goes, unsurprisingly, to Kensington Palace Gardens.

It is the local council’s responsibility to give names to new roads and developers are encouraged to suggest street names which reflect the cultural, historical or geographical nature of the site or area. This could be why some of the most common street names in the UK contain the words Station, Main and High.

In East Kent, we have our fair share of strange address how about living in Squeeze Gut Alley, Hearts Delight or No Name Street.